GCSE Astronomy Revision

Here you’ll find lots of useful links and revision questions for Edexcel’s GCSE Astronomy exam which I took in 2012 when I was 14 (I got an A*).

Please make sure that you are following the correct syllabus by checking this page. There was no content change in the syllabus since 2009 although the exam became linear in 2012 (1st sitting 2014).

Click here for my own practice questions (>300 Questions Now Available). 

Also, check out this handy list of formulae here:

Formulae for GCSE Astronomy

Past papers

click here for all the past papers I was able to find.


I would recommend the following book written by the examiner and also recommended by Edexcel:

GCSE Astronomy : A Guide for Pupils and Teachers.

In addition, this Pupil Toolkit and Practice Calculations sheets are extremely useful:

Pupil Toolkit for GCSE Astronomy.

New Practice Calculations for GCSE Astronomy.


I would  recommend Stellarium which is free and is really useful in visualising the orbits of the Earth and other planets and the movement of stars in the sky.

I would also recommend the following apps for the ipad and PC:

  1. Solar Walk.
  2. Wonders of the Universe.
  3. NASA/JPL Eyes on the Solar System.
  4. Wolfram Demonstrations Project.


  1. Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of the Solar System.
  2. The Planets.


  1. Using Stellarium.

For Fun.

  1. Galaxy Zoo.
  2. The Quantum Universe.

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