The Sun Revision Questions

1. What is the diameter of the Sun?      

2. What is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun?

3. What is the composition of the Sun?

4. Describe the Sun’s surface.

5. Describe the Sun’s atmosphere.

6. Describe the Proton-Proton Chain.

7. How is energy released from this reaction?

8. Describe 2 methods that we can use to observe the sun.

9. What is a sunspot?

10. Describe the structure of a sunspot.

11. Describe the rotation of the Sun.

12. What is the solar cycle?

13. What is a Butterfly diagram? 

14. What is the solar wind?

15. Describe the two types of Solar wind?

16. What is H-Alpha light?

17. What other wavelengths of EMR are used to study the Sun?

18. What features of the Sun can you observe using an H-Alpha filter?