Physical Properties of Stars Revision Questions.









1. Explain the difference between Optical Double stars and True Binary Stars.


2. How many times brighter is a star with a magnitude of 5 compared with a star with a magnitude of 1?


3. What is Pogson’s  ratio?



4. Give 4 factors that affect the apparent magnitude of a star.


5. What is the magnitude of the brightest star in the sky?



6. What is the Absolute Magnitude?



7. Name two types of variable star.



18. What is a True Binary?



19. What is a Cepheid Variable?



20. What is an eclipsing binary?



21. What is the Primary Star?



22. In what way is the variability of light intensity of Cepheid Variables different to that of eclipsing binaries?



23. Draw the light curve of a Cepheid Variable.



24. Draw the light curve of a Eclipsing Binary.


25. What is Parallax?



26. Describe the method of heliocentric parallax to determine the distance to nearby stars.



27. What is the definition of a parsec?


28. Describe how Cepheid Variables can be used to determine stellar distances.