Exoplanets Revision Questions








1. Describe the three main methods used to find exoplanets.

2. What is a “Hot Jupiter?”


3. What is the main problem with the current methods used to find exoplanets?


4. Why is this?


5. What is the Kepler Spacecraft?


6. What are the problems of using this method?



7. What are the two essential chemical ingredients for life?



8. Where is water on Earth thought to have come from?



9. How do we plan to determine if it is likely that substantial amounts of water were delivered to Earth by comets?



10. What is the habitable zone?



11. Draw a graph to describe how the mass of a star affects the habitable zone.



12. Who was Drake?



13. What is the Drake Equation?



14. List some of the factors considered in the Drake Equation.



15. Where else in our solar system is life most likely?



16. Name 3 techniques astronomers use to search for signs of life on other planets.



17. Name 2 potential dangers of finding extra-terrestrial life.