Cosmology Revision Questions

1. What are the black lines in the spectrum above?


2. What is Redshift?



3. What can we deduce from Redshift?


4. Give an example of blueshift and explain what this means.


5. What is Hubble’s law?



6. What are the units for the Hubble Constant?



7. What is the significance of this?


8. Who coined the phrase “The Big Bang”?


9. How old is the universe?



10. What is Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation?



11. Who discovered it and how?



12. Name 2 probes built to study CMB.



13. What is Dark Matter?



14. What could Dark Matter be made of?



15. Who first proposed the existence of dark matter and when?



16. Give evidence for the existence of Dark Matter.




17.  What is Dark Energy?



18. What is the significance of Dark Energy?