Constellations Revision Questions









1. How many stars can you see with the naked eye?


2. What is a constellation?



3. What are asterisms?


4. Describe the constellation Orion.



5. Describe the Winter Triangle.



6. Who was Johann Bayer? 



7. Describe the Bayer Designation Naming Scheme.



8. Name the first 5 letters of the Greek Alphabet.


9. Who published the first list of constellations and when?


10. Where did a lot of the work in the Almagest originate?


11. Who added in the southern constellations?



12. Who was Nicolas Louis de Lacaille?



13. Why was 1922 a significant year for constellations?



14. Describe some cultural differences in the interpretations of constellations.

15. Why are some constellations only visible during certain seasons of the year?



16. Describe how you would find Fomalhaut  and the Andromeda Galaxy in the night sky.


17. What is M31?


18. What is Fomalhaut?