Comets, Meteors, NEOs & PHOs Revision Questions









1. What kind of orbits do comets have?

2. Describe the tail of a comet.

3. Name two categories of comets.

4. What is the Kuiper Belt?

5. What is the Ort Cloud?

6. What is the difference between a meteoroid and a meteorite?

7. Name three origins of meteoroids.

8. How fast can a meteoroid’s orbit be?

9. What is a Meteoroid shower?

10. What causes meteors to appear as light streaks in the sky?

11. What is a fireball?

12. What is the radiant?

13. Describe the classification of meteorites.

14. How do we name meteor showers?

15. Name 4 annual meteor showers and when they occur.

16. What is the definition of an NEO?

17. What is a PHO?

18. Give examples of collisions between astronomical bodies in the solar system.

19. Why do we need to monitor PHO’s?

20. What is the Torino Scale?